-40% Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11 Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11 Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11
  • -40%

Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11

Zasłony przyciemniające Moondream o fakturze lnu to modne i techniczne rozwiązanie. Nie trzeba już wybierać między komfortem a pięknem… » Więcej informacji

140 x 260 (SxW)

Ciężar: kg

Zasłona przyciemniająca o fakturze lnu
Zasłony przyciemniające Moondream o fakturze lnu to modne i techniczne rozwiązanie. Nie trzeba już wybierać między komfortem a pięknem: okno zdobią zasłony, które w razie potrzeby w szybki sposób mogą zablokować dostęp światła nawet w 100%.
Solidne, łatwe w utrzymaniu i z możliwością dostosowania wysokości – zasłony przyciemniające Moondream o fakturze lnu zapewniają komfort i piękno.


Nieprzezroczystość / Zaciemniająca
100% Poliester
Górna część wzmocniona niepikowana, dolna część obrębiana ściegiem owerlokowym
Rozmiar przelotek
40 mm
Przednia strona kurtyny jest tego samego koloru co tylna strona
Można prać w pralce w temp. 30° (delikatne pranie) - Maksymalny skurcz po praniu: 3%
1 zasłona przyciemniająca

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Nathalie R

Entièrement satisfaite

Francja - 2022-09-08

Le rideau est complètement occultant et il est conforme à la description.

Lydie T


Francja - 2022-09-08

Je dors beaucoup mieux avec ces nouveaux rideaux 100% occultant, j'en avais acheté d'autrez qui n'étaient pas assez performants !Ce vert est magnifique également.


Sensationell !!!

Reviewed on 2021-05-12

Wir wollten in 2 Räumen alte Rollos ersetzen und waren auf der Suche nach Verdunklungsvorhängen. Dabei sind wir bei Moondream gelandet und vor allem die große Vielfalt an Farben hat und in erster Linie überrascht. Die Farbe Grau ist sehr schön und sieht edel aus. Sensationelle Qualität und absolute Abdunklung! Haben mittlerweile alle Fenster des einen Zimmers damit ausgestattet - vielen DANK !

Ilona C

Prachtige gordijnen!

Holandia - 2021-04-19

Zeer goede kwaliteit en een mooie afwerking van het materiaal. Ik ben zeer tevreden met mijn aankoop. Ik raad het echt aan!

Hanna M

Velvet venise

Finlandia - 2021-02-01

Good quality and perfect colour.

Cindy B


Francja - 2020-06-30

Belle qualité, très belle couleur, service efficace et livraison rapide.

Blanche L

Enfin des rideaux vraiment occultants

Francja - 2020-03-23

Après trois commandes de rideaux soi-disant occultants d'autres marques, j'ai acheté ceux-ci qui, bien qu'un peu plus chers que la moyenne, sont vraiment occultants et ne laissent passer aucune lumière. Je recommande !

Theresa R

very nice

Wielka Brytania - 2019-11-05

They are very nice

Lauren R

Very happy!

Wielka Brytania - 2019-11-05

Great blackout curtains! work very well, safe and very soft. very happy!

Kelly P

Great product

Wielka Brytania - 2019-10-28

Great product and doesn't have a chemical odor like so many products. Does the job and looks great!

Laurence D


Francja - 2019-05-12

Ma commande est arrivée très rapidement, et c'est exactement ce que j'avais commandé. Je vais pouvoir dormir maintenant que le soleil ne passe plus!

Laurence C

Highly recommended

Wielka Brytania - 2019-05-04

This is my second order with moondream: still excellent! Beautiful color of curtain, real blackout. And I know (with the first order I made 4 years ago) that the curtains are really good quality ! (Still the same) Highly recommended.


Impeccables !

Francja - 2019-04-08

Des rideaux de très belle qualité, conformes à ce que j'en attendais. De plus la livraison est ultra rapide. Je recommande à 100% .

Mary D

Truly blackout curtain

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

It is a truly blackout curtain. Exactly what I was looking for. I will be ordering more.

Denise W

Very satisfied

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

Very satisfied with this product.

Sandra S

Thanks Moondream!

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

I love my curtains! Beautiful color, elegant and true blackout despite not being too dark. Would probably like the grommet style better than the pencil plead but they're twice as expensive. I hope to order more curtains in the future for my family room.

Donna C

Great fabric

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

Great fabric, stitching and hanging options and instructions.

Debra G

Such a great product

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

These were ordered for my beach home. I rate the company customer service excellent as well as the beauty and quality of these curtains. I will be ordering more for my beach homes and also my mainland home. Thank you for offering such a great product.

Audrey C

Very pleased

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

Very pleased with the quality.

Eric M

Exactly as described

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

exactly as described, and what I was looking for

Peter D

Great material as well!

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

They had the odd size that I needed and the blackout curtains were great at blocking out the direct sunlight. Great material as well!

Richard S


Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

SUPER GREAT!!!!!! Very good, meeting my expectations, I strongly recommend!

Erin A

Unmatched quality

Wielka Brytania - 2019-03-21

I will never buy any other curtain brand again. Moondream is unmatched quality for the price.

Debra R

Love the color

Wielka Brytania - 2018-08-31

Love the color and the way these curtains look. Easy to hang.

Stephanie H

Perfect color

Wielka Brytania - 2018-08-28

The color is perfect. I like that I can adjust the hem with the tape to the length I want. It does seem to block the sunlight (and I live in Arizona!) as well as block out the incoming heat. I am putting these drapes in my guest bedrooms so my grown children can sleep and rest when they come to visit. They have always complained that there is too much light in these rooms and they could not sleep. They are going to be very happy when they come to visit now.

Beatriz B

I recommend it

Wielka Brytania - 2018-07-23

Excellent quality, thank you very much! After lot of research I recommend it

Christopher B


Wielka Brytania - 2018-07-11

Blackout personified. Highly recommended. Great quality at a wonderful price.


Great product

Wielka Brytania - 2018-05-14

Besides being a great product they have no odor like so many products!

Mieko S

Durable enough

Wielka Brytania - 2018-05-04

Durable enough even though the price. I bought for my project. but now I'm thinking about getting it for my room.

Mayra P

Absolutely happy

Wielka Brytania - 2018-04-07

Absolutely happy with the quality of these curtains! The feel of the linen and the look is amazing! I love that they are truly blackout and they fit my windows perfectly!

James K

As advertised

Wielka Brytania - 2018-03-31

color is exactly as advertised

James K

Exactly as advertised

Wielka Brytania - 2018-03-31

Color is exactly as advertised

Eric M

As described

Wielka Brytania - 2018-03-27

exactly as described, and what I was looking for

Jenniffer S

Moondream is the best

Wielka Brytania - 2018-03-22

I am impressed! Blocks out the sunlight, silky and sleek look and they are heavy enough to make them flow and were not wrinkled at all! I ordered another set of blackout curtains for my guest bedroom. I wont buy from anywhere else now. I have purchased other curtains elsewhere and they always look cheap and wrinkled. Moondream is the best quality curtain by far!

Mike B

Sehr zufrieden

Niemcy - 2018-02-09

Die Vorhänge sehen sehr hochwertig aus und fühlen sich auch gut an, sie hängen bei mir im Wohnzimmer. Die Farbe stimmt auch mit der Abbildung überein. Trotz der Helligkeit des Stoffes dunkeln sie gut ab.

Bineti V

Keep light out

Wielka Brytania - 2018-01-03

The curtains really keep light out of our room and keep the room warm.

Mary D

A truly blackout curtain

Wielka Brytania - 2017-09-12

It is a truly blackout curtain. Exactly what I was looking for. I will be ordering more

Antonia M

Cute color

Wielka Brytania - 2017-09-03

Cute color!

Sylvie S

I highly recommend

Wielka Brytania - 2017-05-08

Loved the color, the quality and the texture. Perfect for my Home, day and night (real 100% blackout). I highly recommend these curtains and I approve them.

Lisa S

The color is gorgeous

Wielka Brytania - 2017-05-04

The color is gorgeous and they make a small room look warm and cozy.

Edwin N

As ordered

Wielka Brytania - 2017-03-26

Exactly as ordered

Arthur Z

Great quality product

Wielka Brytania - 2017-03-19

This is a great quality product. Smooth cloth, well finished (no loose threads or imperfections. Truly room-darkening, unlike some other curtains which don't block the light well.

Arthur Z

Great quality product

Wielka Brytania - 2017-03-19

This is also a great quality product. Smooth cloth, well finished (no loose threads or imperfections. Truly room-darkening, unlike some other curtains which don't block the light well.

Kerby D

Very beautiful

Wielka Brytania - 2017-03-13

Very beautiful high quality product!

Leslie W

A white blackout curtain that works!

Wielka Brytania - 2016-12-09

Gorgeous, well-made (even the grommets are quality material), totally blackout (can you believe it? A white blackout curtain that works!... and best of all, reasonably priced. What could be better? We LOVE our new curtains!

Corinne S


Francja - 2016-10-07

Belle et agréable souplesse. Image et qualité conformes à la description

Alison J

Does its job well

Wielka Brytania - 2016-10-05

A blackout curtain that does its job well and with a beautiful drape to match.

Cory S


Wielka Brytania - 2016-09-22

Good solid curtains.


Magnifiques rideaux

Francja - 2016-09-14

La matière et le tombé sont très classes et sobres, parfait pour ce que je cherchais. La couleur Lobelia bleu est également très belle, convient très bien avec chambre blanche et meuble en bois vernis. Occultant très satisfaisant.


Très beaux rideaux occultant uni beige

Francja - 2016-08-23

très beaux rideaux uni galet/beige, très belle qualité, très beau tombé, très belle couleur beige douce, je les ai lavé 2 fois, tenue impeccable, Je suis très contente de ces rideaux, je recommande vivement ce produit.

Abril B

Quality material

Wielka Brytania - 2016-08-06

Love the convenience of the Velcro. Quality material. Perfect for sleeping in a little longer...

Rafael G

MENB Guinea Ecuatorial

Hiszpania - 2016-08-05

muy buenas cortinas, me cogí la naranja y la rosa. Muy buena calidad. Pronto haré otro pedido.

Mimi M

5 stars

Wielka Brytania - 2016-07-30

5 stars

Cheryll G


Wielka Brytania - 2016-07-11

Product is excellent quality.



Francja - 2016-06-20

Très satisfaite de ma commande, rideaux de très bonne qualité, avec un bon retombé, couleur conforme à la photo, j'en avais commandé un, et à la réception ayant été très satisfaite j'ai passé une nouvelle commande pour 5 autres exemplaires.

Charlene E


Wielka Brytania - 2016-06-13

I was unsatisfied with the color. On the internet it showed that it was a nice sunny yellow but when I received them, it was more gold then yellow otherwise they are nice

Damon M


Wielka Brytania - 2016-05-17

The LOTUS color curtains were beautiful.just a little to purple for me though.

Damon M

I love the material

Wielka Brytania - 2016-05-17

They black out very well .I love the material .they don't look cheap like most .I found my new curtains.

Gayla S

Beautiful fabric

Wielka Brytania - 2016-04-23

Beautiful fabric. Truly light blocking. I just ordered the longer curtains for another room.

Bertha H


Wielka Brytania - 2016-04-13

Absolutely love, love, love them!

Michele B

Smart product

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-25

A way to keep your own curtains and customize it as a 100% black out curtain! Smart product with its self gripping tape to attach to your curtain... Little advice : I would recommend to stitch the tape at the corners, so it will stay intact!

Susan T


Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-24

Your curtains are amazing. Truly sleek and stylish, they drape beautifully. And the blackout quality was more than I expected. Can't say enough good things about the product and your service. Looking forward to purchasing more from you!.

Angela S

Excellent quality

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-23

These are high quality curtains that blocked heat loss to an area of the house I don't use. Also, they block the heat that screams into my living room during the summer afternoons! Very consistent in color so multiple panel purchases match extremely well. Excellent quality! Great customer service.

Rosemary J


Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-23

Excellent product

Vera T


Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-23

Great curtains!

Frank B

Easy ordering

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Easy ordering, simple, classic design and fantastic light blocking material.

Robert A

What I needed

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Exactly what I needed.

B. E

Super duper

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

if you want a product that does the job, these curtains are just super duper - old man mike

Aurelie B

As described

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Exactly as described!

Gabriella S

I like the color

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

So far the curtains are holding up beautifully. I like the color, the texture of the fabric and the way they look at the windows. In fact, I am thinking of ordering another set for my bedroom window.

Pamela S

Love them

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Love them

Renee R

Very satisfied

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Very satisfied but wish I had gotten a larger panel vs 2 panels so the light would not come in.

Shanan G

I love them

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

This is the second time I order this type. I love them. They keep the sun out and seems to be much cooler. Excellent curtain. Will definitely be back.

Katherine P

Exactly what I wanted

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Had exactly what I wanted, came in less than a week. Colors were exact to my iPad and laptop that I used to view and choose colors from. And most important they were truly blackout curtains. I couldnt believe how well I slept once the curtains were up and morning light didn't wake me through my mini blinds.

Paul B

Product as advertised

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-22

Excellent pre sales support. Product as advertised and excellence quality. Room darkening is outstsnding

Mark S

So beautifully

Wielka Brytania - 2016-03-01

I hardly ever write a review but these black out linings are so beautifully made I am tempted to use them as curtains! Don't hesitate to buy these they are worth every penny.

Mary S

Well worth it!

Wielka Brytania - 2016-02-03

Love the color and the texture of the material. I have been looking for a blackout curtain like this for a very long time and finally I have what I have always wanted. Thank you!

Lori C

Great Quality and Service

Wielka Brytania - 2015-09-02

Great Quality and Service. I really like the curtains linings. They are very effective at blocking the light and the customer service experience was excellent. I would definitely recommend your company and its products.

Paula B

wonderful quality

Wielka Brytania - 2015-08-31

I love my new white black out curtains the quality is wonderful. the curtains were just like they decribed them. They hang very pretty on my window just can't bet the quality.I'm very happy with them.I had been looking for black out curtians for a while very pleased.

Kenel J A

Well made and beautiful

Wielka Brytania - 2015-08-25

Mr.. The black out curtains that I purchased are well made and beautiful. They provided the privacy my elderly mother needed in her newly converted room. Thanks.

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Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11

Zasłona przyciemniająca fakturze lnu Country Baby Czerwony MC11

Zasłony przyciemniające Moondream o fakturze lnu to modne i techniczne rozwiązanie. Nie trzeba już wybierać między komfortem a pięknem… » Więcej informacji

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